Monday, February 12, 2007

consistent scores

I absolutely am loving the theme from Samurai Champloo. This little Minmi, amazing,beautiful babe singing the Song of Seasons, in Japanese or English. I don't care --it is ethereal music. Music cleanses the soul.
I believe that.

I am also in love with the music from the HBO Series ROME. Very tribal dance. Which is good cuz I am about over all my belly dance music. This score features a theme by Emmy award winning composer Jeff Beal. Apparently I am a fan of his! I was digging around trying to find the music from Rome and discovered that Mr. Beal also did the score for Pollock, a lovely film (horrible book). HBO's Carnivale AND Six Feet Under share themes written by Beal also. Both of which, I really admire. The shows have pretty people, well written story lines. HBO has good shit. I wonder if I can get a job writing for HBO. My pal Monique use to do production for them. Then she went to NBC. I wonder if she knows anybody...I could write Sopranos..hmm

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