Saturday, February 24, 2007

a couple brazillion trees

I read a very interesting thing in the paper this morning. (I wanted to use my tagline "this morning in the freep--but because of the JOA I can't.--insert Andy's voice "is she havin a laugh?) Okay--so in the Gardening section of The Detroit News I read Jeff Ball's column. Apparently The UN has pledged to get 1 billion trees planted in the next year. I'm in!! I want a birch tree. Pete loves willow trees, a pear tree would be the shit. Ball mentions that the canopy in Michigan isn't that bad but as an effort to replace what has been lost ON THE WHOLE...everybody should plant a tree, c'mon get off yer duff and dig a hole. Trees are good!

I remember when we lived in Lansing and Matt and Aidan went to the same preschool (where Fina and I worked) Spartan Village Child Development Center--god what a great place--now it is HUUUGE--we used to take the kids out for walks in the nearby woodlot and they would all hug a tree. It was so damn cute. All these little toddlers trying to get their arms around these huge maple trees. Hi! My name is Daye and I hug trees.

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biscodo said...

The notion of planting trees as a simple action that catalyzes other issues sounds like something the UN picked up from Wangari Maathai (2004 Nobel Peace Prize, and who I heard on the radio recently talking about exactly this. The connection between the individual and the world (sort of a freshened up "think globally, act locally" thing) and how "just plant a tree" is like "wear sunscreen". Something that is so benign, yet so helpful. Unlikely to conflict with anyone, but helpful in ways that are indirect, but meaningful nevertheless. Meaningful to the individual, to the community, to people who will never know that it happened, but will benefit from it nevertheless.