Monday, February 12, 2007

Day one

Well, here we are. A fresh new look for my daily second mug of coffee. I began to consider the title "This morning in the Freep", but that screams structure and I doubt I can maintain a theme for that long. I chose the title because I definitely feel frenzied. I like little wrens, nobody sees them-- they just do their thing and nobody is too concerned about them. Plus, I love the internal rhyme. I did toy with not doing a daily journal at all, but this is so shiny and attractive--I need to touch it. Forcing myself to generating complete sentences is a good habit/exercise. If nothing else It makes me happy. The Linen Bomb had quite a learning curve. I feel a lot more code-competent this time around. I don't feel the need to call Andre (my darling tech support!) every other day! I have a myspace addy but that page is for my inner 17 year old boy. I think I'll keep the blog to remind me that I am scholar and a writer. Not a laundry drone trapped in the dungeon of cat boxes.

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