Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winter beerfest '07

Okay that was a good time! We arrived at the park about 12:30 and got inside after about a ten minute wait--that part was very organized-- but dude--inside the big T shaped pavillion--it was so packed you could hardly move. It was literally a sea of people. The tents were FULL. PACKED! and I do mean packed-- like sardines in a tin. That full. By the better known breweries there would be knots of people 15-20 thick. Not moving just hovering because it took so long to get from one end of the thing to the other. There was a rocking band (everything from Led Zep to Johhny Cash to Sex Pistols!) and finally we found a spot outside and made friends and got down to some serious experimenting. I was on a dark beer mission and I started with a Dark Heathen Triple Bock from Kuhnhenn. It set the bar high. Very Yummy. and also Tigerclaw Spiced Ale from Schmoz, sweet but dry--veddy goot. Atwater had a nice Doppelbock they named Voodovator--had to taste that one twice.mmmmmm. Andy got the Black Pilsner from North Peak Brewery and that was yummy. I of course got a Final Absolution from Dragonmead --cuz I love them. Shortz had a couple tasty treats and they were the closest to our table!, their Black Cherry Porter was a little fizzy for me-- so I "cleansed my palate" with their Snowwheat Ale, which wasn't bad at all. I never made it back upstream to get the Solar Eclipse from Bo's, but Petey brought me back a whole bunch of nummy stuff that I forgot to write down. I have two new photo albums up at the .mac page One is Fuzzy Hats. And the other is cleverly titled Winter Beerfest!
Go look!


Temporary like Achilles said...

I had a great time experimenting yesterday!

Temporary like Achilles said...

Did you get Karen & Cassie's myspace addresses?

Daye said...

I have their email