Monday, March 26, 2007


We are officially in love. THere are some shots from the back yard at my page (click on the album named wildlife) of the house we may buy. There are some online shots at Yahoo's real estate page. It's at this link. Yep--took the boys through the inside--everybody approves. Pete, Izzy and I were on our third trip. We had dragged Matty and Z out before just to see the outside , but this trip Ambie got the key and we all spent a good hour and a half rechecking the interior. How could you not love it? It is everything we want. Okay the decor is obsessively neutral but THERE ARE CLOSETS and..they are in the Ann Arbor School district!! (cross yer fingers and light some incense. Petey is crunching numbers.) It is out by Emerson School, between Wagner and Zeeb Rd. sigh

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