Monday, March 19, 2007

I think we broke the kids

The kidlets were very patient this weekend, perhaps TOO patient. They got "baptized*" with Guinness at the Gaelic League of Detroit's beer tent, Izzy had a lot more fun once she got shamrock beads and green glo necklaces and her Daddy carried her around on his shoulders so she could see all the crazy grown ups in Leprechaun costumes trying to step dance--we saw lots of limos and big silly hats, balloon sculptures made into beer steins and watched FunkyChris' neighborhood pub (that would be Nancy Whiskey's in Corktown) run outta Guinness at 3 in the afternoon!

Then we went back to Chris' to watch MSU end their roundball run. That was sad. ): Poor Sparty boys.

On Sunday it was Uncle Timmy's b-day and the official housewarming gig! As the afternoon of crudites and delightful dips wore on it became obvious that the kids were sick. They were being WAAAY too complacent. They just sorta sat in the beautifully decorated TV room ( I am soo jealous it is home movie heaven) watching DVDS of The Simpsons--which is pretty much the same thing they did the night before. On the way home from Lansing, in between coughing and sneezing (because the sudafed had worn off two hours earlier) Zoli pointed out that

"Next weekend we get to choose!"

I drew smiley faces on their foreheads w/ a bit of foam

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