Wednesday, March 7, 2007

my imaginary farm

This morning in the Freep (gods-- I love saying that!) there was a lovely article about the butterfly house at the the Detroit Zoo. Longtime readers will remember my discussions of butterfly terrorists from previous entries; but, in sharp contrast--this morning I was pleased to see that Entomologist Palombi is growing lupines (in a bunch!) to feed baby butterflies. Apparently, the little 'Karner Blues' are endangered (the only other Michigan native on said federal list is the 'Mitchell's Satyr') and so the raise and release program. Pretty spiff eh?

I couldn't help but draw a parallel (in my pre coffee haze) between a comment she made about the ecosystem and the book I finished last night. I really enjoyed "Robbing the Bees". It was very inspirational. I think I want a bee hive. There are at least two in the neighborhood already, Deb & Beth have one down Grant St and Brooke's backyard neighbor has one. So there is a precedent set, unlike Simone's poor chickens. ): We mustn't upset city council now must we? (gleefully rubbing my hands together ala John Ashcroft & Mr. Burns---bwa ha ha ha ha) No..No *I* would never insult my city elders! (cackling like General Grievous)--Can't you just see me and my imaginary farm? Right out back by the bike shed--a beehive, four hens and a cock (of course) and a goat! and maybe even a hedgehog or a golden goose! No-- now I am just being greedy and trying to reference Willy Wonka because I haven't ever done that here!

Silliness aside --I have registered for an 8X16 plot in the community garden for two reasons: 1.) so the current livestock (ie., Stoopiddawg & Jarvis) won't trample this year's tomatoes. MASSIVE ASIDE ALERT: ooh I Gotta tag Jim next door-- because prior to Boomer (his Great Dane) digging graves in their backyard, Jim always shared his extra produce. Now we can have our gardens out of the doggie traffic pattern and finally, REASON 2.) out of the shade cave!

I am looking forward to starting seedlings. Matt was even intrigued by the grow lights in my Burpee catalog. SNORT!

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