Friday, March 9, 2007

they hold alot more than you think

This was an interesting and familiar link. It was brought to my attention by the Sustainable Ypsi folks. I have been known to collect things. And, like my black T-shirts, action figures, fridge magnets and coffee cups, one can never have enough tote bags.

Last week when Z was bagging up the recycling a brown paper bag he was using to encase the newspapers ripped. Big surprise eh? What was worth mentioning is his reaction, "WHY do you get paper bags from Hofoods? You know they will rip. WHY? do you go there?? their produce is more expensive and their parking sucks! This coming from an 11 year old boy; who-- granted was mostly frustrated that he had to do his chores and was being distracted from RollerCoaster Tycoon3 on the 'puter. I was surprised at both his vehemence and his concerns, who woulda thought he tuned in that much?

One more quick grocery bag comment--the bag packers (if you get one) never quite understand how efficient my canvas bags are. Seriously, 2 canvas bags hold as much as 8-10 plastic bags (which I detest) or 4-5 paper bags which will at some point rip.
So I take my three canvas bags and then any overflow goes into paper. Unless I forget the canvas, then all paper. I don't care for string bags--they are just too--wacky and stretchy and tangley uppy.

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