Wednesday, March 21, 2007

two places at once

Well favored reader, last night was certainly unusual. How to be in two places at the same time? It was of course Tuesday night, which meant that Z. was at his play writing workshop at 826. He loves it! and there was no way we could ask him to skip it in favor of his sister's 3rd grade music recital......despite the fact that she got to "Polka with a Porcupine". Zoli's workshop runs from 6-7:30 and is out by the mall. Peanut's little class final thingy was scheduled to start at 7 and was about three blocks from the house. So we dropped Z off and came back home.

6:40 Up at Estabrook Elementary Isabel was so excited she was vibrating. We chose seats from the lovely selection of folding chairs which were all lined up in the cafeteria--thus allowing only the first two rows of the audience any clear view of the chilldwens (most of whom I want to point out are not much taller than chairs themselves), and finally we rock, paper, scissored to see who would go fetch Z home. Pete won. He chose to stay and watch Isabel's whole show.

Now, with the decision made as to who was going to do what-- I hoped that because she was in the third entry on the program, I might actually get to see her dance number. I planned to leave at 7:20 in order to get Z at 7:30 (they often run a few minutes late and he knew what was going down so we figured we were all good.)

7:05 they are still getting arranged on risers.
7:07 they play the same song on the recorder (variations on Hot Cross Buns) about 7 times
7:15 I realize that I *should* leave, they finish "Amazon Rock" (2nd entry on program)
7:16 Isabel gets "picked" to polka with a porcupine wearing a yellow T-shirt.
7:17 I sneak out and do 80 mph out get Z man.
7:44 back in the 'hood-- we easily spot Pete & Isabel with Lilly & crew--walking home. Pete gets in the back seat ( there is a first time for everything) with the girl and we finally get to chill.

What I saw of Iz's performance was cute, great kids, awesome teacher, everybody was having fun--I do like Estabrook. But no more double dipping. crazy

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