Thursday, April 5, 2007

Chris Moore=VASH god

What a funny guy! He has written several books that really appeal to me. I found him because of a prominent ad in NY Times book bit (my fave part of Sunday). The bright blue cover art of "YOU SUCK" caught my eye and I promptly purchased it with my loverly border's b-day card. I heart my dad in law--he is a smart&generous man.

This "Vash" (faithful readers will recall *I* termed the phrase to indicate a beloved new genre of Vampire oriented fluff. A category that does not include Bram Stoker nor even Anne Rice (she takes herself waaay too seriously... I think she would be offended by our application of Vash to her style) but does embrace authors such as Charlaine Harris or Mary Janice Davidson. Their fellow-- Chris Moore, has a new spin on this story telling. His main character is not a spunky adult female , but is indeed a 19 year old boy. "YOU SUCK" was hilarious and sent me down the obsessive trail of too much time and I have pretty much devoured 3/4 of his canon. Pete too has become enamored as I would read the best of the funny bits out loud, more often that not with tears streaming down my face. A DIRTY JOB, seems to me to be the best by far and BLOODSUCKING FIENDS is just so-so. I just finished LAMB, last night. Just in time for LOST (whew!) After watching this clip last weekend I was surprised to see what disconnected space cadet he is. It gives me hope for my own book.

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