Saturday, April 21, 2007

Girls Vs Boys

In that past when young boys have gathered in my house I have only slightly dreaded the "funk" that follows them. When they conglomerated after school in the living room, game controls in hand..I knew what to expect, a warm sweat sock sort of armpit hormone smell that demand the windows be opened. When my boys had sleep overs (that never included sleeping) I learned to kick them outside occasionally and managed the miasma of "boyfunk" well enough. I knew this enemy and could gird my self accordingly...

But last night my battle plans were thrown askew and a threatening "pinkhaze" settled in my living room.

One dad, after dropping off his guest, hovered. We discussed the upcoming terror of dating and joked about chastity belts and accompanying the girls on group "dates". Neither of us mentioned the "p" word but it was there skulking like a dark shadow in the bright pink cloud forming on the front yard. The girlies giggled and squealed harmlessly. Their beloved math teacher happened to drive by and unknowing launched a discussion of how handsome her new husband is. I listened and smiled. Finally--

Seven little girls--ages 7-9, all hopped up on soda and ice cream... were finally ensconced in their sleeping bags with enough new makeup to keep Tammy Faye glamorous for at least two weeks. Swirling between the scents of bubble gum, raspberry lip gloss, faux strawberry, cake frosting, and the freshly unbottled nail polish, eye shadow and the squeals of "Jesse MacCarty is SOOOOOO cUUUUUTe" there was a pervasive under current of something that is usually quite under-represented at Chateau Bain Chaud,...It was the smell of ..estrogen. A not yet ripe smell of feminine promise that grew steadily more terrifying as the evening wore on.

The only moment of unmitigated PINK relief was when the girls launched a burping contest that put awe into the gathered adults. How can 40 lbs of girl resonate so voluminously? Amazing.

check for "sleepover" photos in the album

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