Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Peanut & the birthday thing

LOOK!! at that hairbow. I had nothing to do with it! Yesterday was Isabel's 9th birthday. She made it to school despite the Birthday Fairy making the traditional Breakfast plate drop.

We took cupcakes (that matched her outfit!) with sprinkles into school at the end of the day. She made sure one got to the art teacher and her principal. Then after a couple more hours with her loot (including loving her very own Capt Jack Sparrow sound effect sword! Tom, you are a genius) She chose a restaurant for dinner (another Chez Bain Chaud tradition) and we headed out to Paesano's. I got the pork tenderloin stuffed with morels which was so incredibly delicious I ate the whole freaking giant fighter guy size portion. That was a massive mistake because I also had to get ginger lime cheesecake--for two reasons 1.) I gave birth 9 years ago and 2.) because they make their own desserts and that is gonna be a flavor I want to try and recreate. By the time we got home I was in a food coma. But not Iz--

It seems that being a foodiegrrl is indeed a hereditary thing-- as Isabel decide to forgo the suggested kiddy ice cream after her favorite spaghetti & meatball entree and headed into the "grown up" dessert zone. Girlfriend got flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. And she literally lost her mind. I suppose that it didn't hurt that it came with a sparkler--but she was sooo funny!! It might have been a a moment that should have been private. She was bouncing up and down and absolutely writhing with happy tastebuds! She was trying to explain how the crisp edge of the creamy dark chocolate had the raspberry sauce "just on it--right there!". It was comical because her eyes were closed and her head was tipped sideways and she was kinda floating above the seat. Slightly discomforting and hilarious to watch--all at the same time!

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