Friday, April 6, 2007

rational adult

Despite what several of you believe, I am a rational adult. Balanced (or at least aware that I am trying to be balanced!) mature...(rofl) capable of self control (unless a tornado is sucking up my tent) And...I am concerned. You see Darling Reader,

I know other adults who are obsessed with Harry Potter. MORE THAN ME. and these people are actually crying NOW. We still have over 100 days till we get our hands on Book 7!! The realization that the series is finished has them in tears, like sobbing and blowing snot crying jag tears. OVER THE COVER ART! Perhaps it is the cold cynical influence of my husband but I did not 'cry' persay, when DD got off-ed (one may argue I was perhaps too concerned with Buckbeak--Witherwings what ever the fuck his name is scratching my Severus). I did not weep when Sirius went through the veil. I DID have to shut the book and take a deep breath when Molly was trying to get the Boggart out of the writing desk and sees Ron's bod on the carpet. But I didn't cry.

I am worried that somebody who is openly weeping at this stage is going to be inconsolable when they finish Deathly Hallows. Like they may need prozac... or at least a 2-day drunk.

I recently participated in a conversation wherein we debated the question:
"Can people call in sick (mental health day) because they finished a book?" Oh come ON! Cowboy Up people. It is a book.

A lovely book true, but you don't get to call in sick because you are sad. I predict that therapists across the world are going to have to create a new syndrome. Post Potter Grief Disorder. These readers are somewhere between the stages of grief (denial anger acceptance etc) and a complete lack of common sense. Their WHOLE WORLD revolves around these books. I mean I am having a lot of fun, but I am blessed to have too much free time coupled with being a professional Lit.Geek,(dude I have a degree! I am trained to analyze literature.) I am excited to realize that we are alive during a very significant time in the history of children's literature. Rowling will be right up there with Milne, Tolkien and E.B. White.
You bet yer ass I am protecting the first editions. Who wouldn't want their grandma's first edition copy of Pooh Bear? I am a book collector tho--and I can understand that other people do not get wet panties at the sight of a first run hardcover signed by the author. I'll own that the label of "over enthusiastic fangirl" would be applicable to MY HOBBY, but I do not anticipate a need for medication or time off work.

I'm a little scared for these people. Be kind to them.

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Maddy said...

Oh, dear. Those silly, sad people. Is it a sign of the quality of writing that Rowling is capable of, or is it the quality of the fan themselves that would cause such a level of grief and dependence of a story? I can sympathize to an extent. I tend to become fixated on stories. There are certain books I just adore. And although I greatly enjoy Harry Potter, they are not my utmost favorite. However, even my very very favorite stories would not cause me such a level of emotion.

Basically, I think those people need a life.