Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Bree is crazy. Most of my darling readers know she is crazy and are here because of her adventures hunting bats last spring. Bree is a Jack Russell "Terriorist"--a breed that was bred to "go to ground". which translates into American as--obsessively compulsive or fixated. She has an instinctual need to dig.
She also has apparently swallowed an alarm clock because she KNOWS when it is time to walk. Spring Break means nothing to her. If it is 8 am I need to be putting on my walking shoes and getting the leash or there is gonna be some serious high pitched whining.
Doesn't matter that 8 is when Isabel needs to leave for school or even that school isn't in session--or that it is currently raining. She will tug on my clothes and whimper most piteously. Damn it!! she is gonna go play in the woods!! Run like a little maniac and jump over fallen trees and dig out rabbits and moles. Splash in the swamp and burn out all of her little crazed doggie energy. Upon returning home the doggies get fed and they watch me do my yoga (imagine if you can two very confused little doggies w/the RCA head tilt thing going on) and then they take a three hour nap.
life is rough.

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