Monday, April 16, 2007

whirlwind weekend

I'm so damn tired. I took a nap. (ME!! I never nap) It was Isabel's first plane ride. Friday we arrived in Minneapolis, there aren't that many differences between Detroit and MSP. Okay, they have a lot less pollution/litter and we get excited about one coyote wandering downtown while they are pretty blase about their wildlife, turkeys, elk farms (for pets or meat!) and I saw at least ten deer IN THE CITY!! Like on people's front yards.

Apparently there is also a much larger flock of fey folk than one would guess. Isabel and her older and wiser friend Ele (age 12.5) managed to get seven bites on their strawberry bait. AND these Minneapolis fairies?--they communicate with water splashes!!

Then the SCA event, Saturday. Besides seeing so many darling friends I haven't seen in over a year I finally got to meet Roz. She,Tariq and I have much mischief planned for Crown in Korsvag next month!!

We had a king&queen stepping down, a knighting, a court baroness and a well deserved laureling--AND finally a brand new King and queen stepping up. All very emotional and surprisingly exhausting.
THEN on Sunday a lovely parasite party--er... I mean baby shower that was absolutely silly & fun. There are a ton of pics at my .mac account.

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