Monday, April 23, 2007

YAY Red Wings!

HA! suck it Flames!! (sorry Mac, btw what the f were you thinking with that mohawk? Dude your hair is curly!?!) I hate Amonte. I am so glad they won!

Pete stayed up. I died at the end of regulation. I was like-- I'll just listen but I was OUT--dreamland where Hank sweeps me off my feet and we drink champagne outta Lord Stanley's cup. Two overtimes later (that is 40 minutes for you heretics) my boys have completed round one. In celebration I made a thing. I am calling it "the puck"-- leftover ho-made chocolate pound cake on the bottom, chocolate custard, real whipped cream and raspberries (had to get some red in there somewhere.

so who is next do ya 'spose? Prly the Sharks. Ick.

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