Monday, April 2, 2007

Zoli's awesome Sunday

It isn't every kid that gets a parade on their birthday! Sunday was of course April Fool's Day and Z takes his personal holiday very seriously. Much to all of our delight, so do the Street Art People. The first ever Festifools was a roaring success! It was as if Steve Pace and a Renfairy had a bastard love child who was raised in a papier mache factory. It was a giant puppet dance. A party complete with two live bands. (well a plastic bucket drum line & the world's tiniest brass line).

My archery buddy Wendy, She too is short, shoots a long bow, likes to play dress up and has a house full of men w/ one named Peter. AND! She likes Chinese food!, so she had tipped me off ...and actually tried to get some volunteer time out of me- but ya'll know I got no volunteer left. Anyway-- we went into Asquared to support her (she was one of the fencing fairies--all in black I might add) and to check out this new thing.

One of my favorite participants was the flying trout. He was stuffed with helium balloons and wafted quite nicely in the breeze. I ended up taking over 150 shots of that lovely sunny afternoon. Izzy was having an "artgasm" (her father's term not mine!) and it was such a stimulus overload that Zoli and Evan were temporarily jarred out of their faux cynical/pretend disaffected attitudes to smile and clap. So, next year if Wendy asks for help I am all over it! Click on the link to my .mac albums to see some spectacular shtuff!


Maddy said...

Wow! That event really sounds like fun! And all the kids were dressed for a sunny spring day. Our April Fool's Day was windy and snowy. Sigh.

Maddy said...

Oh! Forgot! Happy Birthday, Z!