Tuesday, May 1, 2007

cheap cotton skirt

I like that. I don't know why. I am a freak. It is Like my "collection" of band names. "Cheap cotton skirt" just sounds good. (what band names you ask?) Well potential names for my fictional band. Right now, and for about the past 2 years, the number one spot has been kept safe by "Pussy Toupee". When I learned the word "mercken" (a supposedly nude color body suit complete with faux fuzz) I just fell in love with the idea of a toupee for one's snatch. Go figger.

So the other day I was perusing the 70% off rack and found two sweet skirts. One embroidered cotton for $6.99 & one lavender linen for $9.99. And since my thighs are no longer socially acceptable in shorts--I've been procuring a collection of natural fiber skirts--swishy skirts mind you. Kind of a hippy happy warm weather wardrobe shift.


Maddy said...

Those skirts sound marvy. I went to a store tht is going out of business and found some of those new version of broomstick skirts. Their idea of clearance is $21.50. Originally %29.99. Clearance? No thank you.

biscodo said...

You know when you've got a crisp whole pickle right out of the jar and recently-brushed teeth? That rubbery squeaking noise has always screamed "band name" to me: The Squeaking Pickles. Squeaky Pickle. Squeaky the Pickle.

Either that, or a restaurant name: The Squeaking Pickle. Definitely doesn't beat friend Gary's restaurant naming/theme idea: "Fat, Meat, and Spice", or the addition I would put on his restaurant to not neglect dessert: "Fat, Meat, Spice, and Sweet"