Friday, May 4, 2007


MSU is done for the term. Matty came home last night. YAY! he starts work at Sidetrack in less than a week. YAY! But...
I was a little shocked last night to learn that he has "stuff". He has been jogging home with just his laptop and a laundry basket. I had gotten used to imagining him (literally) as a traveling Spartan. He left from the tiniest bedroom in our overcrowded house to a double dorm room. How much shit can he have? Apparently a lot. His dad made a run earlier in the week and brought home the futon but last night his car and Pete's truck disgorged the tubs of clothes and boxes of movies and video games, plants, a grocery bag full of "caf" pilfered snack size chips (CHIPS?? not even baked-- just plain old school nummy fat laden chips)--a microwave, a coffee pot---yeeah--suddenly the kid has "stuff". I am doomed. I need a garage.

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