Tuesday, May 29, 2007

delivery ad-veg-ture

ITEM 1--
My new produce box came today I got the MEDIUM BOX. I am still chuckling at several things including their concept of local--apparently Texas and California are local?? But darling reader, the biggest giggle for me is what do they expect me to do with ONE leek and ONE Sweet potato? The medium size box is supposed to be for a family of four. One pint of cherry tomatoes? Obviously these people haven't seen my DH near cherry tomatoes. Don't worry if you are afraid the fam is gonna have to subsist on four apricots (LOCAL???--whatever) this box is mostly a challenge to myself to try new things and force myself to think beyond Chicken tenders and romaine lettuce. So for tomorrow I found a blog that has this tasty sounding recipe on it... "Festival Rice" wish me luck while I check out a stranger's blog.

ITEM 2--
Which technically should have been first as it is chronologically previous to the produce box. Today (FauxMonday) is Tuesday, thus the Calder's dude arrived this morning. But lo and behold it is a new Calder's dude!! His name is Stan as in "Stan the Man" and happily for me he realized that we really didn't want 21 half gallons of skim milk. I got to meet him (only wearing the shortie kimono I threw on to drink my coffee in) and we checked that the rest of the order was right and shook hands--whew... Not even my boys could handle the typos of 21 half gallons of milk--THAT is a LOT of milk! Just two thanks!

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