Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting back up to speed

Well dear ones, the last few entries have been pretty lame and the only excuse I have is that I am living up to the name of this blog! As every family with kidlets knows the end of the school year is naught but finales and showcases and productions and big games. Thus we at Chateau Bain Chaud have been busy. There are pics from Z's choir concert at the .mac account and Isabel had a blast at the Safety Fair at Estabrook--It was really cool! We met a lady cop and some fire fighters and the MedFlight guys --we saw a cancerous pig lung-- we realized how much alike candy and drugs look (that was actually a little scary) Andre cracked a really good joke but not quite quietly enough and we got frowned at severely by a fellow parent. The main reason we were there was so she could pick up her free bike helmet! Sweet! So she can get all active (ROFLMAO!!!)

One other thing that is getting our butts off the couch is me & Izzy's vegetable garden.
We rented an 8x16 plot in the Community Garden for several reasons--1.) IT gets full sun. 2.) the dogs can't pee on it 3.) Even if we do move before harvest it gives us a damn fine reason to pop back in and visit in the 'hood. Of course at the rate we are going we will probably still be here well past Pennsic.

So, we have planted five types of heirloom tomatoes, Hungarian hot wax peppers, green beans, cukes & an eggplant (that is very sensitive so far!) we are gonna add dill and some flowers in the leftover space. It's fun. Well shoot some pics as we go--documenting the progress! Maybe I can con Iz into writing the entries.

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