Friday, May 25, 2007


I am gonna guess I was pretty high strung when I was younger.

Shit-- I can remember just two or three years ago I would be all wired if the chaos swirling around me right now was as nuts as it is. Chuck's surgery went well--Zol is sick, Pete is still sick, I haven't written anything in three days and it is killing me--Plus other stuff is out of my conscious control--like should we buy a pool pass if we are gonna move in three weeks? OR--For example--next weekend is the NPNA Yard Sale. Fun and profitable! One year when Isabel had outgrown all of her cute cute baby girl clothes--we made $450!! This year I am gonna sell (read: get rid of everything). Usually I alternate years, Gretchen and I will fix up some to go cups w/vodka and lemonade and just cruise around having fun. I often wear my tiara--ya know random silly. But on the years we sell stuff I am all about the bags and the color coded price tags and the kids do a cookie sale--- BLAH BLAH BLAH--I haven't sorted out stuff or even taken over my registration fee yet. We need to get on the map (yes dear one, there is a map!! 600 houses!!--amazing-- so I guess I better do that today. Right after I go to the library...No worries--Either I am mellowing with age or I'm just lazy--or exhausted--or both.

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