Friday, June 15, 2007

Frisell--Skirmish--then Pennsic

This weekend we are driving into Deeeetroit to see Bill Frisell. A very hip and unique guitar player that we both like very much. NEXT weekend we shall travel to the SCA event known as Border Skirmish and we shall get treatied into Northshield as right and proper members of the populace (despite our living in the center of the Middle) and I am soooo excited. Her royal majesty Queen Giulia was giggling saying she was gonna get me some sweats that say WAR BOOTY on the booty because that would funny and true! It seems when King Dag asked my King, Hrodoir what it would take for Northshield's army to play dodgeball on the Middle Kingdom's side HRM promptly responded something along the lines of "We want Pete and Daye." So.... Dag is gonna sign our citizenship treaties and we get to be really and for truly citizens of the Kingdom of Northshield!! WOOOT WOOOOT!! We had petitioned for citizenship once or twice and those earlier kings had valid reasons for their denials and we just continued to play where our hearts lay. Somehow swearing fealty to Northshield consistently as long as we have played (almost four years now) we came in under a NS king and only once did we not swear allegiance to NS--that when Duke Felix and the grand poohbette ruled the Middle. We knew our friends loved us despite our geographical/lake issues. It was okay. BUT soon SOON...(thanks to TRM Hrodir and Giulia) our house, yard & kids will be a tiny spot of Northshield right smack in the Middle. hee hee I am so geeked! Even my email inbox is excited. Last night we got the confirmation numbers for WAR, and convinced Matthew to watch the kids so they won't be bored out of their heads and also in the email I got this silly little thing--some list about "geeky vacations."

Prepare for war!! Let's embroider!


chez maddy said...

man. Sigh. It's killin' me not to be at Border Skirmish for the Official Daye an Pete Citizenship Treaty Signing. Tis weekend I get to start the tunic for Sir Tom Tinn's new squire.

Have fun!

Daye said...

remember give a squire a tunic he will look good for a day, teach a squire to sew and he can go to war!