Thursday, June 14, 2007

Garden update

I literally had to drag my ass up (three blocks due West) to water the garden last one day at the water park and I am whipped! My tiredness was in spite of my endocrinologist proclaiming the drug and the drug dose CORRECT!! (YAY!! I don't have to go back for A YEAR!!--SWEET!)

So Pete and Izzy went with me last night and we took the doggies (Bree likes to dig in the wood-chip pile). But you might have noticed that I typed doggie (s) --plural. Both JRT's went to water the veggie plot. We all forgot how much Jarvis likes to wrestle the hose-pipe. Much like bikes (which he is sure is some advance species of gazelle) and vacuum cleaners-- Jarvis is pretty sure the hose needs to be defeated. Noble Jarvis, War-like fuzzy little maniac. So-- I am watering the tomatoes (which are going gang busters--specially the Cuban cherry ones) and the green beans and Jarv realizes that I am "under attack" from the dreaded water snake and he immediately leaps the little border fence to start snapping at the stream of aqua. His pokey little feet just starting to trample tender greeenie beanies (who are recovering nicely from the slugs or whatever doesn't like soapy spray or "dia-TOE-ma-key-EE-us" earth-- and he was promptly leashed and restrained by the Master of the Hounds.

If you haven't ever seen Jarvis fighting the hose...well your life just isn't complete. He growls and bites at the water trying to eat it like a spaghetti noodle. It is VERY amusing. Playing tag by hose is also a hoot--I am sure you have seen the game people play with their cats and a laser pointer? We do the laser pointer thing inside sometimes, but Jarvis has the same instinct to track down and devour the water jet from the hose. Compared to a boring sprinkler--It is a much more fun way to water the back yard! My dogs are nuts.

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