Friday, June 8, 2007

rather unusual Thursday night

Bravo Brookie!!! What a hoot! Last night we went out to support our friend (lily's mom!) in the A2ct production of HAIR! (which runs through Sunday at the Lydia Mendelsson Theatre. Brooke did marvelously and I am so proud of her. She is the Energizer bunny--First she goes on the zoo field trip with her daughter's class-- then in the evening opens the run of a wonderful bit of musical theatre. Brooke played Jeanne (the pregnant chick) who has the hots for the main character (who did manage to make me cry). I found it a little ironic that the Director was really about as preggers as Brooke's character. The cast was lovely. Wonderful group choreography and there was some serious belting out of old top 40 songs--which I was all over. I woke up this morning with "Leeeeeeeet the sunshine----Leeeeeeet the sunshine" stuck on repeat in my brain. I really like that soundtrack. My mom played all that crap when I was a kid so I know all the for me... I do feel the need to embellish a pair of denim bell bottoms tho!
Good job Brooke it was fun. Thanks.

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