Friday, June 22, 2007

summer night

We finally broke down and opened our gift from Chris and Gretchen. We had been saving it's maiden fire for "the new house" but as "the new house" doesn't yet exist and it was time for a fire... we lit that puppy up. It was a beautiful addition to our evening.
Yesterday was the Summer Solstice and we celebrated my third favorite holiday. Izzy and I went to Depot Town and got some new incense from Apotheke then we ducked next door to Enchanted Florist and got lots of yellow and red flowers. The kids sacrificed some sugar to the fairies and Petey and I dedicated our wheat beer to it's namesake Oberon! We had a circle of six white candles & all was well. The fireflies even showed up to our party. Pictures are of course are at the .mac album which you can peruse by clicking on the PIX HERE button in the upper left of this page.

Those following Miss Isabel's adventures with her friend Rozamund the yardfairy will be happy to know that milk was drunk and sugar was danced in. Shells were redecorated and it seems the lilac fairies had quite the event in our yard. Despite Petey and I staying up till well past dark--hmmm fancy that.

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