Monday, July 2, 2007

cookin' dabook

I have always told my creative writing students to let a draft sit. Let it "cook" so to speak. Well, I have an official draft of my historic novel completed, and printed--as you can see. One draft has been mailed to it's beta reader, Fina-- despite it going through three perfectly good boxes before actually getting postage paid on it. You see clever reader-- Apparently the post office won't use DHL boxes and then the mailbabe was like --"oh let's get book rate-- it's $2 cheaper" and I was like ..uh ..okay. What a waste of cardboad tho! One copy gets delivered Thursday when Tim gives it to Rick and I better hook up with Carol before we go see Harry Potter OoP at midnight, but today is her birthday and I'm not gonna bug her with my ego stroking today!!

I am not gonna look at the file till they come home at the end of summer. I might fuss around with the bibliography/notes bit but no new text till I see what they think. How does one shop for an agent? If they are anything like hiring handymen I am screwed!

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