Friday, July 20, 2007

HP Line up

8:30 drop off Izzy pick up Brooke
8:41 leave Zoli at choir
8:56 join line (about 1/4 of a mile long) (for local readers... from Arborland Borders down to Circuit City) waiting for bracelet to allow us to get in line later today--call Fina &Tarrach--make them laugh. We are in the first color grade. Orange is the color of the revolution.
9:54 hold hands with Brooke and jump over the threshold of store
--15 people to go, can't decide if the guy with the list has real road rash or the worst HP fake scar I have ever seen.
10:05 exit store with another "TRUST SNAPE" sticker and my orange bracelet. Said paper token is marked with 1CD 1BK.


I wonder what time on Saturday the UK cover will arrive?? Anybody care to bet?? Prly not till Monday eh?

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