Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am sensing a shift.

This blog is gonna turn from a tool for me to process things internally to a tool for me to process the reclamation of our 100 year old house. It has been empty for at least two years. The sellers "still have some stuff to clean up."

As you can prly tell we walked thru the Purple house last night. It seems that Bats are a theme in my life. The party barn is a host to a vigorous & healthy bat colony. There are drifts of poo EVERYWHERE in that barn. Anybody got a mask? sigh

And the washing machine and dryer are just unacceptable.

The roof has to be replaced and so does the furnace. bigger sigh

There are wasps nests under every eaves and in the bird feeders. The garden will be beautiful. NEXT year. Right now it is weedy, overgrown and suffering from drought stress.
Here is a new link with some different pictures 5515 CRANE RD .

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