Thursday, July 5, 2007

Snape's Trial

I'm not sure if this post counts as sharing kick ass fan art or if it is one of those spoon feeding the reader things I really wish somebody would comment on because I am desperate for adult conversation. That's not a fair point. I had some lovely conversations at Stacy's last night--I may have a crush on Kate--she has such smooth legs and she's got intriguing ideas about the life cycle. But in general, like right now--rather than cringe while Zoli makes his own damn pancakes (gods save us please!!) and I muddle my way through the first mug of Java (Pete left about three hours ago--when I was asleep) I could use a grown up instead of somebody who yells victoriously..."HA HA! I HAVE SMITED YOU EGG!!"--

Regardless--On the morning of 7-07-07, starting at 10:40 AM EST, The Leaky Lounge will be hosting ANOTHER trial of my darling Sevvie for the murder of Albus Dumbledore, PUHLEEZE!! It was planned!


chez maddy said...

Adult conversation, huh? Poor Daye. The picture of Snape is spot on. The cynical sneer and long nose are perfect. I can understand your fascination with him, even if I don't quite share it.

Daye said...

Hi hunny!!!