Saturday, July 21, 2007


I promise no spoilers here

Our 'Grand Hallows ball" was fun pics soon--Voldysnort (costume got a 18 outta 10) & death eaters should up around 10:30. When he came over to me I flung back the sides of my cloak to reveal "Snape's Whorecrux" t-shirt and I said and I quote..."Hi Tom. Where's Snape?" Not that he was taken aback (snert) or anything but..I shut up the dark lord. POINT FOR THE BIMBO!!

I went out in the quarter finals of the spelling bee. I screwed up "Morsmordre"--but i'm not really sure how. If i were less mature I would have argued the point but a nine year old from Ypsi won and my new buddy Darnell got second so I'm ok ...mostly ): I just wish I hadn't talked so much trash first!! lol But seriously the little kids got easy words and us "big kids" got MUCH harder stuff...I wish they would have had two age appropriate contests
so I had my book in the truck at 12:23 Record time because Brooke & I got in line before 9am. So we were in the "A" group. But then about 11:30 the mc guy sez everybody with Orange "A" line up by the check out & I was so hopped up on caffeine I was like "Oh I'm glad *I* did the pre-orders, cuz P fro Paul would be much later than G for Gouine and then Petey was like "Daye yer an "a" go get in line." I am a spaz. I took a nap at 3:38 and was back at it at 5:55
was done at 1:10 so if my math is correct, I read it in 10 hours and five minutes??

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