Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Trendy Wendy

Oh sure NOW the rest of the world is catching up to my favorite obsession. In the Freep this morning there is over two pages of HP stuff. A couple of full page pictorials, costume contests and recapping the series-- blah blah blah...There is little mention of Snape. That's okay he is always in my head. You know me... to paraphrase Jim Butcher--I like my fantasy characters like I take my coffee...dark and bitter!!

That phrase makes me giggle. I have thinking about other grammatically similar phrases...in fact; much like fictional band names (the winner of which is still Pussy Toupee)--I have decided to start collecting "preference similes". For example--I like my men like I like my tea...weak and green. (Okay I don't like weak green men at all, but it is funny!) Or how about..."I like my books like I like my sausage..spicy and linked." Maybe..."I prefer poetry like my vodka-- clear and smooth."
I haven't quite settled on a chocolate simile yet-- something about "dark & rich" or one for fighters--tho "butch and bald" keeps drifting around...what 'choo got?

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