Thursday, July 19, 2007

well what relief

You scored as TRUE GOTH, You are a True Goth!

You are a real Goth who is true to the original ideals and standings that created Goth in the first place. You are very likely artistic, open-minded, and do not like stereotyping. The way you dress does not define you as Goth. Goth is defined by action.

"It's sort of odd and sad at the same time that a lot of actual Goths don't know that they are. This is unfortunately the work of massive media stereotyping and misinformation from ignorant but rather noisy wanna-bees. It seems that the bulk of available information on Goth comes from those two sources. Never mind that." -Azhram, "Goth with a Sledgehammer," 1998

Has this result surprised, shocked, angered, or otherwise stirred something in you? Let me know.

To find original article that these results are based off of, Google search for "Goth with a Sledgehammer." THE WRITER OF THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS TEST. If you have beef with your result, take it up with me.





"Goth with a Sledgehammer" Quiz- Real Goth or just Poser?
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