Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ha, ya'll thought I was gonna talk about HP & the OoP didn't cha!! Not so much. I ruined Sixth Sense for R&T and I will not willingly spoil anything for anybody ever again. I will warn you tho-there are a shit load of previews, at least at the midnight show last night. It was supposed to start at 12:10--but had about 20 minutes of trailers--So I got home just before 3 am. Sleepy Mommy--YAWN. I am too old to stay up that late. Poor Sara had a 45 minute drive back to the D. BTW--The Golden Compass looks pretty good. If you have seen OoP pick up the phone!! & I do want to tip off my Malfoy infatuated sister tho--"He is lovely. Your boy is just lovely."

So what shall I chatter on at you this morning? NOT BOXES!! NOT TAPE!!

Actually last night (earlier than the movie is amazing how much you can cram in one day) Petey & I attended a reading for new book that was published by MSU. It is called freshwater:Women Writing on the Great Lakes. It is edited by Alison Swan who is also a contributor. I was not surprised to see my old office mate at EMU, Janet Kaufman has a piece included. She has always been very ecologically minded. That girl is all swamps & cranes. The event was hosted by The Michigan League of Conservation Voters who have a web presence HERE and my wonderful neighbors Rene & Matt Greff at their whoopass establishment--The Corner Brewery.
It gave me hope for my old MS--Truck Stops, Trailer Parks & Fishsticks.

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