Sunday, August 5, 2007


So I have this amazing house, and it comes with 3.8 acres of rolling lawn, a birch grove, beautiful maples and spruce & smoke bushes mark the property line and a mulberry tree, some funky little pine I can't ID and over grown, neglected, drought stressed perennial beds. I have identified so far: tons of climbing roses, peonies, pink lilies, several massive hosta, but Kassia had guessed sedum and I don't think so--plus this creeping kinda green mossy thing?? Yikes. I know. I have to get pics up. Syl I am so gonna need your brain. I'll post pics of the mystery plants and ya'll help me identify them okay? Jane are you listening?? help? Tarrach let's use that degree for something besides making bionic plants eh?

early Friday morning when I stepped out on the patio there was huge black butterfly with blue dots on the bottom of his wings
he just perched there on the overhanging tree branch--like an ornament

eight Canadian geese flew over--just above the barn roof it was pretty cool

yestrday Isabel met a very large woodchuck

this morning when I put Bree out to pee there was about six bunnies in a group under the clothesline


Lilim said... envious. ^-^

So, I have a doppleganger, out there, eh? Just think of all the trouble we could cause, working as a team... *strokes imaginary beard* /cackle

chez maddy said...

So you survived moving! yay! i'm almost ready to forgive you for not moving further west so we could see you more often. Oh, well, Gimli is coming!