Saturday, August 4, 2007

fishnets & paddles

Wow. Hi. My darlinks--Okay so obviously busy & exhausted moving, but then we were supposed to get internet on Thursday but didn't actually get it till Friday. Now it is SATURDAY! Sorry the only pictures I have taken so far is one of the prairie dog wasps for Bogdan. I want to get a picture of our bathroom before Pete pull its all down. The seller had a thing for stencils. She stenciled the master bath in a "Maine lighthouse" motif. Complete with lobster trap and it's plastic inhabitants. Shells, coral and "drying fishnets" (NOT the sexxy kind--the food gathering kind!) a blue wooden row boat paddle is part of the window treatment. It is suspended between two 3D light houses. Petey wakes up singing his filked SpongeBob theme song, "Hi Kids Are ya READY to SHOWER???" "AYE AYE Cap'n!" Oi. *rolling eyes*

1. So the AC died. sweaty bummer. Repair dude on Monday.
2. The spiffy new dryer is here but we have to have an electrician swap out both the fuse and the outlet cuz the dryer is so hi tech and the house is 107 years old-- so the plug in the basement is from like the late '60's (as was the washing machine we deep sixed.)
3. My new couch is freaking awesome.
4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this house.
5. The well water is rusty (specially in the terlits--and still smells faintly of ...well water.
6. The garden is gonna be an adventure for quite sometime.
7. the kitchen as some of you may have heard; was designed by a very tall left handed person with great taste in flooring but who doesn't really cook. with double ovens I can forgive anything. we are working on forming a relationship. I need a step stool.
8. Blue Sky Carpentry is gonna build my library shelves.
9. The bats seem pretty tolerable so far despite the guy in the haz mat suit (is Haz Mat one word??) and the"king Bat" who gets his own story
10. The cats are doing well enough. Things mellowed after Alice decided not to hide under Izzy's bed anymore.
11. Doggies are pretty clingy and cuddly.
12. Kids get better the more the boxes go away. Seriously direct ratio! the number of empty boxes to kid's happy level is about four empty to one notch of positive attitude. Isabel was a little overwhelmed living in the cardboard fort.

things are going pretty damn well so far.

gonna go have a glass of wine and watch some crazy ass cartoons.


biscodo said...

So... what ARE you doing with the bats? If I read between the lines, it sounds like you're relocating them to a bat house but keeping them?

Any idea what kind of bats they are?

FWIW, I think a bat house *outside* the party barn would be perfect. The bats are around to munch up all the mosquitoes and other insectus partyinterruptus but they have their own place to hang out and poop in.

Daye said...

poop removed. repllent sprayed. we still have cool bats. come watch them at twilight. VERY cool!
Mr. King Bat was about as big as Jarvis and BROWN with black wings. previously my exp. was witk little gray house bats--less than two inches--seriously King Bat was at LEAST eight inches long if not 10 0r 12.