Friday, August 17, 2007


Lisa will be here tomorrow!!! EEEEEEP!!! BOUNCE! BOUNCE!

Lisa and Paulie used to live on Grant street (right across the street from Kif & Jamie--next door to Lisa & Beth; in fact that is how I met RenewableLisa and Beth--they shared gardening stuff with Lisa C.

We didn't fart with out each other. But Paulie got an amazing job offer in New Jersey and it was back to NY-- so much closer to Grandma Trini & the compound. so they moved. When they left they only had Joey (who is Zoli's age) now Lisa has the record for friend with the most kids...Peter, Phillip and Caroline (aka 'roro)--three boys and a fairy girlchild. That baby is so pretty. I have a tremendous crush on her.

I had some crappy bestest friend luck there for a few years. Gretch has been my constant for well over 20 years--then I *married* Pete so that shifted things a little. But I still have Timmy. Anyway my point is that I bonded tighter than sibs w/Lorine and then she moved to Fargo. THEN I bond tighter than sibs with Lisa...and then they move...took me a while to make real friends w/ antisocial as I is! (snort)

BUT dear one we must focus on HAPPY THOUGHTS! Cuz we have gotten into a lovely habit of switching visits every summer, and this we year we host The Orselli/Costello clan in T-minus 36 hours!!! eeep!! I gotta buy groceries! (and drink mix!)

I have totally lost my gardening gloves. My beloved leather "women's work" size small. I have had them forever. I made my first bow in them because my hands were too "soft". They are broken in and I miss them horribly. Not a good time to misplace soemthing so functional. I hope they are at WMS. Maybe by the scale? I'll check this morning.

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