Tuesday, August 7, 2007

maybe a normal morning?

Good morning darlings,

It is Tuesday. I have coffee that we can't taste the well water in! (Either we are getting used to the taste or the water softener is finally working.) Our bedroom is complete and together (no boxes). Izzy's room is all good. Matt's room looks like a laundry drift which is pretty much how it looked at the Wallace house, Zoli's is chaos but at least it is cool chaos as we finally got a window AC unit for that end of the hall. OH! The AC! we broke the flux capacitor or whatever it was-- but $115 bucks later the guy from Al Walters Heating & Air saved us. He got us down to 75F just in time for the heat & thunder to humidity up to "I would much rather sit and read than unpack those goddamn boxes). No. I can find my zen. The rain is awesome for the grass & trees but the lightening last night was pretty spectacular. There are two remotely powered ceiling windows in our room. They are about 5x8 and when it is clear we can see the moon & stars. When it is flashing lightening, the whole thing smacks eerily of South Dakota. Between the ceiling skylights and the wall of windows to the east it was very much like sleeping in a glass tent.

EXCEPT--I KNOW that the massive oak support beams, & the two ton fieldstone fireplace have been sitting here for 107 years. Anchoring this house thru tornados and snowstorms for over a century. This is a sturdy old farmhouse and I LOVE it.

Today we get a smaller truck and finish emptying the Wallace house. Gotta get Zoli's dresser and most importantly-- Pete's grandma's sewing machine. The machine that she seamstress-ed the fam thru the depression on. It gets a place of honor now instead of being stored in a closet.

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