Thursday, August 9, 2007

Suck o Lux

Okay no sooner do we get the Wallace street house's air vents sucked out then we move here and discover the pine needles and bulldog* hairs from three years ago. So today John and his truck sized o suck o'lux (A2 Air Duct Cleaning) are doing the ground floor. The Wallace street house is almost empty. It will get a 4-SALE sign soon. Pete has gone for a run. He is on an adventure. Once we get past Textile Rd-- Crane turns into gravel. He is looking forward to that. Running in the country. Happy boy.

It was with great melancholy we left Emery's ashes at the Wallace yard. BUT! we did inherit the strangled bulldog grave site. Do ya wanna hear how the bulldog got sat on by Lula and strangled?/ It's kinda funny!


Linda said...

Yes! Please Auntie Daye, tell us a story. . .

Daye said...

once upon a time a young girl bought a house that was tooooo big. But she loved the house despite not really being able to take care of it. She soon found a boy who helped her renovate the house. they were very happy. The boy brought with him a pair of bulldogs who were very protective of the property but stayed inside their invisible fence. Despite the fence, one day a big fat lady decided she had had enough of the doggies barking at her and she crossed the invisible fence line caught one of the bulldogs. sat on it and strangled it to death. and the moral of the story is don't bark at fat ladies behind invisible fences.