Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Things we learned from the Orselli/Costello Clan

1. Yes, whatever it is it will blend. yes, even golf clubs (okay but not the Mommy's little helper--which I am sure in "normal households" is referred to as a "crow bar".
2. Sushi "on the boat" is brilliant.
2B.) milky saki is nummy as is the clear stuff..BUT NO WARM SAKI!
3. Tomatoes need the same amount of water everyday. not huge rain storms every three days.
3B) tomatoes can heal their own stretch marks
4. Croq-Croq is the new "it" game
5. singing makes everything more fun--even washing your hands to "we are the champions"
6. rain is not a deterrent when you have good friends
7. Bats are very consistent
8. everybody likes cheerios
9. sleeping in is good
10. six kids are not hard to cook for if you bake every morning and your dear friend is on the other side of the kitchen.

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