Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday moanin

Well, let's see what is exciting since the last time I posted??

1. I am teaching at EMU again. Just 326 (Research Writing) this term--starting tomorrow!! That was a bit of a surprise. I had secretly hoped to be re assigned me and Frank's old office. (Frank Case--my hero--not the turtle!) But I am shuffled in with Lolita Hendrix--poor her. I won't take up much space... this term. bwa haha ha

2. The roof isn't done yet. And some siding was damaged due to excessive tar usage on one of the previous roofs--rooves? How does one pluralize roof?? It's gotta be roofs. Hopefully they'll be all done today. Anna held an open house at Wallace. (MLS ID#: 2713123) Seemed pretty positive, several people looked at what crappy housekeeper I am. Seriously-- anybody want to but a cute little house?

3. Saw Scott yesterday. (Eric's old housemate) That was a pleasant afternoon/dinner. He is such a sweet guy. If I were a stripper he could be my sugar daddy.

4. Took Zoli to the movies Staurday night. He was dying to see "Dragon Wars".
I'll let this guy from the Freep explain exactly how crappy it was. Please enjoy the brief but perfectly worded review written By John Monaghan

"The only winners in “Dragon Wars” are the computer-imaging geeks who must have logged tons of overtime.
The rest of the world is left scratching its head at a monster epic so dismal that it doesn’t even register as a guilty pleasure.
According to legend, every 500 years a young maiden must be sacrificed before her 20th birthday. If not, dragons will appear and wreak havoc on the land.For the first half hour, “Dragon Wars” plays like two movies in one, jumping from “Crouching Tiger” moments of martial arts levitation and gauzy cinematography to straight-to-video monster mayhem in present-day L.A. It sounds a lot more fun than it is.With nods to “Godzilla” and “King Kong,” the contemporary story finds TV news reporter Ethan (Jason Behr) on the trail of the mysterious Sarah (Amanda Brooks), not for the ratings but because, as a kid, he was zapped by a bright light emanating from an antique trunk.Things grow even more confusing in the second half, but it doesn’t matter much to filmmaker Hyung-rae Shim. His only concern is giving ticket buyers their money’s worth in slick, sterile CGI battles.The performances are beyond awful. Behr is a poor man’s Tom Cruise while Brooks barely registers as his damsel in distress. TV vet Robert Forster finally uses up all that good will he earned for “Jackie Brown” a decade ago in the hammy role of Ethan’s shape-shifting mentor.By the time it gets to the promised battle of the dragons, named Good Imoogi and Dark Imoogi in the film, I couldn’t even tell you which was which. In a movie already choked by mindless action, did we really need an army of evil warriors fresh from “Power Rangers”?To its credit, “Dragon Wars” creates wonders on a comparatively thrifty $70-million budget. Still I’d trade it all for the more tactile 1950s model, where iguanas and gila monsters with fins strapped to their backs thrashed around on fake volcanic sets."

Yeah--it was that bad. If you have dragon loving kids maybe rent it on DVD but that was three perfectly good movie tickets completely wasted. Zoli called it a "stinkeroo the size of Canada" and he was mostly tweaked that it was actually a wyrm turning INTO A dragon--not dragons actually fighting. For a kid weaned on the LoTR films this was a serious disappointment. His first bomb. My little boy is growing up! sniff.

I don't think Tinn reads this blog but if he does he & Sylvia should know that Zoli said, and I quote. "This movie was so bad even Syl, Sir Tinn and cheeseburgers couldn't help it." I think he meant the evening would have been more pleasurable in their company! Having seen such classics as King Kong and Scooby Doo with them I think he was missing the social part of movie going. Rootbeer, cheeseburgers and ripping the film apart for dessert!

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