Thursday, September 13, 2007

Purple walls green roof

"Where have you been?" Clamor the readers of the Frenzied Wren. Well my freaky darlings if you had 20 some hunky multinational guys crawling around your roof top would you be outside drooling or inside typing?? Actually--most of the time I was doing laundry and VACUUMING (It takes an hour to vacuum downstairs) But the time I previously spent chatting ya'll up has been replaced by the "drive the chilldwen's to school" commute. Commute--such an ugly word but one that careful readers may hear more of in the near future. Yes I may be back to teaching next term.
But let me remain focused as I share first the infernal racket of the tear down--
yesterday was mor eof a steady gentle thumping... as they say one picture is worth a thousand words.They claim to be finished tomorrow.


chez maddy said...

Oooh! I love love your house!

Paul Orselli said...

Hello dear - Commute? Teaching next term? What's up?

Lilim said...

Oh my gawd, look at that house! That house is awesome beyond adjectives. I'm so happy for you guys! What an opportunity.

Too cool. ^-^