Friday, September 14, 2007

well... well

That was a nice 3.5 year break. Time to get back to work. No more watching the scandals from the side lines. I start at EMU next week. And of course there is already administrative drama. feh
The happy news I want to share is that I GET TO TEACH HARRY POTTER THIS WINTER!! EEEEEEEP!!

NOTE: In an effort at grown up behaviour; this morning I put on some cute little red suede kitten heels to pick up the red in a skirt? I already have a meeting this afternoon. I wore these shoes a lot at Crapple El--they were kinda my "lucky shoes".
Ya know--gotta lose the yoga pants and hockey jersey--gotta find the authority--gotta be PROFESSIONAL...*rolling eyes* I even tucked in my blouse! Dudes...lemme tell ya--those shoes barely made it down stairs.
I'm wearing my birkies.

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lizzybeth said...

You wouldn't want to "undermine your authority" or anything. Remember that one? Watch out.

I am heading back to EMU in the winter for grad school. Ed Psych. My *baby* sister is in her second year there now. I will tell her to keep her eye open for you in the course listings!

Wedding in 6 days, eek.