Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well the trip up to Hurley was far more pleasant than anticipated. That was the first time I left a hospital visit NOT completely depressed. His hand isn't shredded!!--persay...What my darlinks? You have no idea of what I type? Pete's oldest friend, the closest thing he has to a brother,Eric, is a painter--the whole apartment kinda painter not the artist kinda painter. On Tuesday morning he tried to unclog a power sprayer by smacking it around and managed to shoot 2800 psi of (ironically enough) "Safety Yellow" paint into the palm of his hand. (She mutters "dipshit" while shaking her head.) So his buddy at worked rushed his ass to the ER up in Flint and within four hours they had his hand flayed open and had irrigated the tendons. HOWEVER--last night they went in the back of his hand and did the same thing. Pete is worried. I am worried.

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