Wednesday, October 24, 2007

GO Blue!!

Ha! I'll bet ya'll are freaking out. Cuz *YOU* know we are Sparty peeps here at Belly Acres. Ah! But you see I am not referring to the U of M nor any of it's ridiculous tentacles invading my life. No I am referring instead to a darling human being. Mr. Blue Way of Depot Town's Blue Sky Carpentry (who is a wood working god..I shit you not) Our custom designed and "built in" hand rubbed cherry bookshelves are getting installed. I have been very patient. This was the first project we conceived upon arrival here at the new house. The books are still sitting in the boxes from several weeks ago. If you see Blue ask him about the spiffy dove tailing tool he got in Holland. I am ecstatic that the shelves are getting placed. They are beautiful but they will be even better when the books are on them. My li-berry is finally taking shape. Here are some pics of what Blue achieved yesterday.

Bye bye crappy fake brick--hello quality craftsmanship. OOh now I have to choose a color for the library walls...carmel?

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Ypsipearl said...

Those are dovetailed? Beautiful, I'm going to caress it come Pumpkin Day.