Monday, October 8, 2007

Janet Leigh's bra

That is what we were all focused on. This old poster sums up the subject pretty nicely. I have seen some prominently displayed titties at SCA events , but dude..I have NEVER seen a re created Anglo-Saxon Princess with Madonna cones. How can you NOT look at them???

We DVRed the 1958 film "The Vikings". Finally got around to watching it last night and it was actually quite fun. Occasionally my inner snark couldn't control herself and I had to make some bitchy comments about the costumes,esp. the line about the corset--that was just too much for me to take-- but we all sat there (Ok Petey was reading The Subtle Knife) and enjoyed the story. Apparently there is a novel by Edison Marshall. I'm sure I can find it at the AADL. I hope so. I want to read it. The plot of this movie was intricate and well-written. The cast was impressive, (Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh & Ernest Borgnine and Kirk Douglas--wow!) & the acting was spot on. Richard Fleischer's direction absolutely solid. Norway was beautiful filmed (I was pining for the fjords) and a great score. From the very beginning (the credits are like an animated Bayeaux Tapestry), I was sucked in. Lovely. just lovely.

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