Wednesday, October 10, 2007

on Walden Pond

okay--so there is a tire and a rusted out dock frame.

I am happy because I took the doggies for a proper walk today (it has been a while) and we were very pleased to find that Kevin's dad's old golf course is BEEEE U TEA FUL!. It was obviously part of our family's property. There is a palpable feel of functioning farm. The 1920's gas pump. The decrepit out buildings (Our barn was def. the "big barn") there is a very dangerous looking old well head. It seems that Between Crane Rd & Munger Rd is 47 acres of massive oak, chestnut and beech trees that marked the field lines--it all butts right up to our property. If can envision our farm house, plus the adjacent "son's" farmhouse-- heading up 180 acres of farmland. I am desperate to find out the family name. I shall start the research after I finish this sandwich.) Rolling greens and a pond!! complete with critters. The doggies got to dig in the bank after some sort of mammal that lives in a den. Bree did not want to leave the little pond to explore the rest of the property.So we stayed until there was no way you could tell she just had a bath yesterday. I admired the reflection of the huge willow tree. I met the guy mowing the "back 40" that's what he called it, I swear. And he shared what litle he knew about the imminent "improvements" apparently the TWP plans for what we had heard was gonna be a "play park" is going to be closer to Lilly Park with trails and "natural" areas. I am quite content.

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