Tuesday, October 30, 2007

slow recovery or "linkfest"

To the few of my freaky darlings who still have the metabolism to get up from a party without limping-- I salute you. Okay Punkin Day '07 was tremendous. (I have the sinking feeling I am going to run out of juicy descriptors before I finish this post.) The party was Saturday night and I am still licking my metaphorical wounds.

The three newest things about this year were in order of importance--1.) Roxy (Matt's new lady friend)--2.)the band who mentioned us on their webpage* and of course Warren who planned on simple ipod playlists and immediately segued into floor manager extraordinaire as he disco balled us into a dance frenzy. Warren you are the shit! 3.)the pig. The mouthwatering aroma of which is still swirling around the house.

I need to extend an adjective laden hug of gratitude to to both Clan Ullman and The Andelcrag Constituents. In the past we have learned that Petey needs to take the day off after Punkin Day. This year because of the amazing help of The Breakfast Club--clean up was mostly done my about noon on Sunday. I just stood around pointing a plastic sword and sipping a cold (VERY COLD) one. Well I did sit down while Maria brushed out my tangled mess o' been dancing and throwing spears all night..hair. But Monday was actually just like--sorting dishes and folding tablecloths. My friends are amazing. Especially Garth. You Sir are a god. I love you.

It was so awesome to see so many beloved friends--Tarrach and my girl had mentioned on his myspace page that they might have come in sadly they lead the list of missing guests--NO ONE represented clan Gohsman!!All is forgiven. Begg stepped up to bat for ya'll dancing with me in a most smutty way. It was wierd seeing Brian but no Ivory.... We knew Lisa & Paulie couldn't--but we missed them anyway. Eric claimed he was gonna show--even called to get directions but apparently got lost. No comment. Rick (work) &Tim (Yale) were missed but we understand. PunkAmy however has yet to explain her absence and Arianna was apparently overcome with an evil virus none of us really wanted to meet. S'okay--Movie plans are in the making. Hey..did anybody see Midair & the dancingqueen??? Um Pace?? thought you were coming?

I did see babyCelia who is the sweetest cutest little bundle of three month old in the state and her Mommy & Daddy are pretty cool too!
So... tonight is trick or treat and I am gonna be the Lost Vampirate of Northshield. We are going back to Normal Park because that neighborhood has a well deserved rep-- and eat pizza at Stacy's--thank god she is feeding us because we are all getting sick of the hodgepodge of party food leftovers.

They were a last minute thing...Melisant brought them and they literally sang for their supper. They had originally had a gig in Canada but did not realize they needed work permits and so were shot down at the border and when they...seeking refuge... phoned Melisant the Scrabble goddess; she said--"Let me call Daye." All's well that ends well!! Yay for us.

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Gwyneth said...

Fun that the band listed your party on their website! They play here in Milwaukee a lot - maybe I'll get a chance to hear them.