Friday, October 5, 2007

vaguely creepy today

I am in a very odd mood. We are gonna go visit E. and his fillet o fish hand tonight. I feel like we are on the cusp of a new era...engaging the clutch as it were...

so let me wax all personal and emo.

Call Me
by Frank O'Hara

The eager note on my door said "Call me,"
call when you get in!" so I quickly threw
a few tangerines into my overnight bag,
straightened my eyelids and shoulders, and

headed straight for the door. It was autumn
by the time I got around the corner, oh all
unwilling to be either pertinent or bemused, but
the leaves were brighter than grass on the sidewalk!

Funny, I thought, that the lights are on this late
and the hall door open; still up at this hour, a
champion jai-alai player like himself? Oh fie!
for shame! What a host, so zealous! And he was

there in the hall, flat on a sheet of blood that
ran down the stairs. I did appreciate it. There are few
hosts who so thoroughly prepare to greet a guest
only casually invited, and that several months ago.


okay enough morbid romance

just to mix it up--now for something completely different

new pics

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