Thursday, November 29, 2007

bitter avoidance

hey-- I actually wrote something on my myspace blog. I usually pop on there just to see who else is bored. In sharp contrast I use this blog to warm up for working on my book. But now I am avoiding working on my book because all day yesterday all I wanted to do was work on the book. Now I have an hour (whew-- look out! a WHOLE HOUR) and instead I re arrange the pictures of my friends on myspace. As soon as I get into Carol's comments (she returned her draft Sunday afternoon) I am sure the phone will ring or the dog will want out. Or the other dog will want back in--Today it is very windy and I keep watching leaves blow across the yard. Jarvis' ears act like little sails when he leaps up on the patio. he is just a wee beastie and the wind is quite strong. It is also very cold today.
I can't focus.
I made a yummy sandwich with some leftover green olives (stuffed with mozzarella and floating in chili oil) and left over chicken breast. I smashed it all between a whole wheat bagel.

I also had a chunk of bananna nut bread.

Eric saw a white crow in Flint.

I bought new yarn. It is yellow. I stopped in Art Attack on the way home and got Jesse's new comic and some canvas for Izzy. I saw the yarn..right the case. Nice. support your local artists.

maybe I should flip through some muggle knitting patterns...

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